About Me


I am passionate about my work. My goal is to improve my clients’ quality of life and really make a difference in how they feel, move and live. I can’t think of any work that is more rewarding.

For over ten years I’ve helped people with exercise therapy, yoga therapy and a blend of hands on Rolfing/ Manual Osteopathy.

I use all my skills together to help people feel better, live pain-free and have better mobility, regardless of their level of fitness, wellness or ability. 

Working with me may be the appropriate for you if you:

Are recovering from an injury or chronic health condition including chronic pain
Are suffering discomfort caused for poor posture or injury
Want to improve your health or mobility level
Want more confidence in your physical ability for everyday life
 Want to incorporate more activity into your day
Like to workout at home or at the office

One of my specialties is working with people with various injuries and health conditions. I am skilled at helping people regain function and mobility improving their quality of life. I can create exercise regimens to do at home or at the gym. I can also help you realign your body with a blend of manual therapies that includes Rolfing, Osteopathic skills such as CranioSacral, or Visceral Manipulation.


  • Certified Exercise Therapist

  • Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

  • Urban Poling Instructor

  • Functional Movement Screen level 1&2

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment level 1

  • Critical alignment Therapy level 1,2,3

  • Yoga Instructor 200hrs

  • Yoga Therapy 200hrs

  • Certified Rolfer- Structural Integration

  • Diploma Manual Osteopathy (DMO)

Please email me for more information or if you would like to book a workshop or small groups.


Health Investment: 
Initial Exercise Therapy Assessment (55mins)
Follow up Exercise Therapy (55mins)
Exercise Therapy Home Programming-30mins
Rolfing/Manual Osteopathy- (55mins) $93

Small Groups:
Semi-Privates (2ppl) $40 per person
Trio’s (3ppl) $25 per person
Quad’s (4ppl) $20 per person
Over 5 ppl $ 15 per person

Group Classes for Cancer Rehab:
$10 per class sold in session packages
On Active Treatment email me can drop-in at the 10$ rate

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